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    Sausage Made Simple

    The Flocchini family has been in the meat business in Nevada since the 1930’s and 5 years ago partnered with the Tonino family, who are third generation sausage makers from Italy.  In 2015, they decided that it made sense to bring the operations in house and they now own and carry on the tradition of making great sausage with as few ingredients as possible.   Today, Flocchini Family Provisions offers one of the only clean lines of handcrafted sausage, using only whole meat muscle and simple spices that are free from artificial ingredients, made right here in Carson City, Nevada.  Flocchini Sausages can be found at the Greater Nevada Field, Raley’s, Sierra Meat & Seafood in Reno…

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    Sandwiches for Tahoe City

    Feeling stagnant in a career that she loved, but not knowing where to go next, Meghan Polite was ready to take on more responsibility and work hard for her own dream rather than somebody else’s. The final push was having a mentor tell her to stop f*cking around and just do it.  Meghan & Michael, twin siblings, noticed a glaring gap in the Tahoe City food industry— sandwiches! Someone needed to fill this gap and provide the adventurers, leisure seekers, and day trippers of Tahoe City a quick, on the go, meal option.  Meghan just knew this was the perfect opportunity for her and Michael to start something of their own.  …

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    Time Flies When You’re Having Rum

    The DeVincenzi’s, one of Nevada’s third-generation families, are excited to see Reno coming into its own food and beverage culture like never before in its history.  As owners of several family-owned ventures, the timing seemed right for them to take a leap into the bar business.  The family knew they needed to bring something unique to Reno, so they toured the country from Omaha to Alameda, taking in the cultures, techniques and unique brands of many types.  This exploration led to their vision for the venue — a contemporary tropical escape.    After nearly a year of looking at potential locations around Reno, the DeVincenzi’s discovered their current location quite by accident one day.…

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    Soul Food – Italian Style

    This story was originally created for and posted on Opportunity Nevada. When the recession hit Reno about ten years ago, Sal and Val Gray (affectionately known as Papa Sal & Mama Val) both lost the positions they had been working hard at building for over 25 years.  When they tried to find work, they were told they were too old to be hired (they were only in their early fifties!).  So, they did what all good Italian’s do when they get bummed out, they made delicious food and fed their friends and family.  It fed their souls and the Gray’s needed a little soul food, Italian style. Friends and family…

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    Reno: The Perfect Place to Build a Dream

    A little over four years ago, the information technology industry brought Kevin Stanley to Reno; however, Reno had very different plans for him.  Those plans were set into motion when Kevin met Kaya, the love of his life.  Not long after they met, Kevin realized he had landed in the perfect place to build his dream business. Kevin had 24 successful years in the technology industry, but it was empty to him.  He wanted more.  He wanted to do something that brought joy to people.  He missed the human connection. “When people go out to eat and drink, they are typically enjoying themselves,” Kevin said. “It’s where I wanted to…