Cheree Boteler, the culinary cupid behind Hungry in Reno, wears her heart on her apron, celebrating the amazing people and places that make Nevada oh-so-special. Back in 2015, she fired up Opportunity Nevada, a brand that put a spotlight on businesses proudly calling the Silver State their home sweet home. But she wasn’t stopping there – no way!

Fast forward to March 2017, and voila! Hungry in Reno was served up like a delectable dish, because let’s face it, those food and drink spots deserved some major recognition!

The mission? Loud and clear: boost local food and drink joints, dish out the latest and greatest news from the culinary world, and cook up exciting, innovative experiences for both locals and visitors.

But wait, there’s more to this foodie fiesta! Hungry in Reno and all the Hungry In Brands are on a mission to get you connected to the rockstars behind the food scene – the owners, managers, chefs, mixologists, brewers, and servers pouring their heart and soul into every scrumptious bite and sip.

Cheree Boteler, the mastermind of this tasty crusade, believes that true success comes from building connections as deep as the flavor in a perfectly aged wine.


Hungry VIP