Cliche maybe but truly, it all started with food.

One night, I was up late and thought — I need a place for all my food pics. I’ll just create a new IG and then if anyone wants to see the food, they can follow.

Right off the bat I knew I would use “Hungry in Reno” and hallelujah the handle was available!

No research. No big epiphany. Just did it.

But now … it’s become something more.

My dream is to grow Hungry in Reno as the avenue for locals and visitors alike to become connected personally to the owners and chefs that are putting their heart and soul into the food and drinks they are serving. I would like Hungry in Reno to be a space for owners & chefs to share their “why”, to share their story and to share the things they want their guests to know about them and their creations.

Simply put — I want to tell the story and create a connection.

I believe that if we have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level, we become invested.

This, to me, is what Reno is about — building connections that lead to conversations that lead to relationships that lead to success.

Thank you to all who have supported me and collaborated with me so far, I’m excited to see where this leads and I hope you all are too!