An interview with Zac & Alyssa Starr, Owners

What made you decide to get into the business of food/drink?

We are passionate about bringing gluten-free meals and bakery items to the area that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Alyssa is a Celiac and can rarely indulge with the best of them. Creating their own brand and line of sweet treats is a dream come true! 

Why Reno?

Zac is a 4th generation Nevadan, specifically Reno. Our roots are deep!

Why are you excited for Reno Restaurant Week?

We are so excited to not only showcase our bakery, but to also learn about other local businesses we can support in the future.

What is one thing you’d like your guests to know about you and/or your establishment?

Mother of Macros is deeply involved and passionate about our local community! We believe in changing lives one meal, one community at a time.

How are you complying with safety guidelines for COVID-19?

From day 1 our team has taken extreme precautions by wearing our face masks at all times, elevated cleaning procedures and by closing our location to outside visitors. In addition, we also stopped our recycling program indefinitely and offer free no-contact delivery right to your doorstep.

2020 RRW Menu

Mother of Macros menu

Author: Cheree Boteler