Offer A VIP Perk

Our Hungry VIP members LOVE Hungry VIP perks and we’d love for you to offer them a VIP Perk when they visit your establishment. 

All retail, service industry and food/drink businesses are welcome to sign up for this opportunity.

To participate, you simply have to provide something exclusive* to anyone who presents their Hungry VIP keychain to you or your staff.   You will receive an updated list of members one week before your perk starts. Members will present their Hungry VIP keychain to receive their perk at your establishment (please be sure your staff is aware of this program^). You may choose how many times a member can receive each perk you offer and the dates it will be valid. You may change your perk whenever you like, simply submit a new form for each new perk. And, you may offer multiple perks that run at the same time.  

*We highly recommend that the item(s) you offer to Hungry VIP’s are not accessible by anyone else! (otherwise what would be the draw for them to come into your establishment and request the perk?)

Examples of exclusive items that you could offer are the following (and it can be changed up as often as you like!):

  • Access to a special secret menu (not necessarily discounted just special and secret) — if you do want to offer this to anyone who asks (which you might) then Hungry VIP’s should receive special pricing
  • Complimentary upgraded food/drink item
  • Complimentary tasting of “x” food or drink item (my VIP’s are the PERFECT people to test new dishes and libations on!)
  • Complimentary or special priced ticket(s) to an event you are hosting
  • Early access to a new menu, service or activity that you will be offering at your establishment
  • Access to a special service or experience
  • Early entrance to an event and/or VIP upgrade to an event you are hosting
  • Or … anything else you think Hungry VIP’s would feel special to receive from you

Your establishment will be promoted to members via social media, email, website and, sometimes, print. Additionally, your establishment will be listed as a Hungry VIP partner and you will have the option to share updates (such as new menu items, special invitations, news, events, etc.) with VIP members throughout the year.

Please email, call or text Cheree Boteler at [email protected] or 775-527-2023 with any questions.

^We expect that your staff will be aware of this program and excited that our members are visiting. Should we receive complaints that your staff is unaware of the program or that our members are not treated well at your establishment, Cheree Boteler will contact you to discuss a solution. Our members are expected to treat your establishment, staff and management appropriately and with respect. Should anyone on your team encounter an unmanagable VIP, please notify Cheree Boteler immediately so that she can discuss the incident with that VIP.