An interview with Dylan Evans, Owner

What made you decide to get into the business of food & drink?

I believe that at some point in their life, almost everyone thinks it would be fun to bartend and I was no exception. I always wanted to be a bartender and I kind of lucked out and fell into bar backing and then realized that I really enjoyed the industry. Enjoyed the friendships, the vibe and getting to create an experience for someone was something I fell in love with.

When we talk about training and building people up, I tell them that your attitude and your vibe make or break someone’s night. They could have had the best dinner of their life and they are floating high and going to have a night cap and you just ruined their entire date experience or they had a really tough day, they come in and you just changed their whole outlook on it. It’s just seeing people, being around people and helping people have a good time.

I love it! It’s so much fun!

Why Reno?

Why NOT Reno?

Even when I got into this industry 8 or 9 years ago, I would go to places and say ‘I’m from Reno’ and people would respond and say ‘Reno, that’s kinda gross — casinos, gambling … meh’. But, Reno is underrated, we have everything and now, people are starting to recognize this. You can see it in the growth of the restaurant and bar scene, all these beautiful venues are opening up. People now appreciate what Reno has to offer and so why not Reno? Reno locals should be taking over Reno’s scene.

Hungry Note: Dylan was born in Fallon and moved to Reno when he was two. He’s a fourth generation Nevadan and has been here his entire life.

What is one thing people should know about you or your business?

I would love for anyone who visits to reach out to me personally about their experience — good or bad. We preach customer service and we preach approachability.

I remember someone said to me once at 1864 when they found out I was the owner, ‘you can’t be the owner because you’re working, owners don’t work’. I feel like some people have that disconnect and there are a lot of places, especially here in Reno, where the owners are behind the bar or in the kitchen.

Why are you excited about Reno Restaurant Week?

It’s a showcase of Reno Restaurants, it’s incredible. It gets people back in touch with the local restaurants. I’m super excited because it’s synergetic, it’s bringing a bunch of businesses together that, on some levels do compete, but this brings them together to celebrate one week and it’s all about food. Food is my favorite!

How are you complying with safety guidelines for COVID-19?

We are complying 100% with all safety guidelines; sanitizing, wearing gloves and masks and social distancing.

2020 RRW Menus

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