An interview with Robert & Marylisa Carrier, Owners

What made you decide to get into the business of food & drink?

When we met, four years ago, I (Robert) owned a trucking company, been in it for 30 years, and she (Marylisa) was a massage therapist and we were both ready for something new. So we started looking around for franchises and this is the one we found. We fell in love with the concept, fell in love with the food, so we went down to Los Angeles and signed on with them and decided to move from California to Nevada to start it up in August of 2018.

Why Sparks?

I (Marylisa) fell in love with this location. I’ve been coming up here for different business for years. I love the area, my son lives here and I like that it still has a bit of a small town atmosphere. It was booming, there were a lot of businesses coming back in here (The Outlets at Legends) after they had depleted over the years and I saw a lot of growth. We saw this as an opportunity.

Why are you excited for Reno Restaurant Week?

We love that this week long event supports local charities and we’d like to be known as a restaurant that is involved in local charities.

Hungry Note: BurgerIM Sparks is locally owned and operated by Robert & Marylisa Carrier.

What is one thing you’d like your guests to know about you and/or your establishment?

We are local and we love this community. We are 110% involved in this business, we care about our customers. We put all of our heart and soul in this, every day because we want to provide the best service and we really want people to enjoy their experience here.

We don’t cook anything in advance, everything is cooked to order so everything comes to our guests fresh.

How are you complying with safety guidelines for COVID-19?

Everyone is required to wear face masks and gloves and adhering to all social distancing guidelines. We use Ecolab sanitizers and everything is wiped down after each guest.

2020 RRW Menu

BurgerIM Sparks Menu

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