An interview with David Bogart, Owner

What made you get into the business of food & drink?

Restaurants have always been in the family. Parents owned one growing up and other family members own them back in Michigan. You do it for the love not the money! 

Why Reno?

In 2006 we saw the need for a more modern looking restaurant that would give a bigger city feel with food & wine list that was also comparable.  

Why are you excited for Reno Restaurant Week?

After everything we have gone through over the past few months it’s a great time to re-introduce the public to all of our great locally owned restaurants.

What is one thing you’d like your guests to know about you and your establishment?

We are local & family owned. Without our great regulars we would not have survived the past few months so a big “THANK YOU!”  

How are you complying with safety guidelines for Covid -19

We will continue to be a leader in safe sanitation practices with all team members certified in safe food handling and a certified manager on every shift. All employees are trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.

  • Any employee who has any cold symptoms or a fever is asked to remain at home and not come to work. Our employees wear masks from before they enter the building, until they leave the building. Upon entering, they stow their personal belongings, wash their hands thoroughly and put on gloves. They get their temperature checked with a touchless thermometer.
  • Tables inside and on the patio are spaced 6 feet apart and the booths have a plastic barrier between them.
  • We follow the capacity restrictions and maximum number of people allowed per table or bar top.
  • Restrooms are cleaned daily and surfaces are sanitized every half hour with an additional entire bathroom floor to ceiling commercial sanitizer process done weekly.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to all customers and employees throughout the building, including upon entry.
  • We will not leave condiments, silverware, flatware, glassware, or other traditional tabletop items on an unoccupied table. When an item like a salt shaker is requested by a customer it will be sanitized.
  • We will provide condiments only upon request, and in single use (non-reusable) portions.
  • We will use disposable menus that are new for each patron.
  • Boxes of gloves are all around the building and will be changed between interactions with customers. If we remove items from a table that have been touched by a customer then gloves are changed.
  • We will clean and disinfect common areas and surfaces regularly. We will also clean and disinfect each dining area after every use.

2020 RRW Menu

RRW Menu - Bistro 7