There are a few things that can make a dining experience exceptional and, in my opinion, phenomenal service is at the top of that list. The team at Anthony’s Chophouse at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada – Art, Oscar, Chef Jeremiah & Jose – provided just such service to us last night. We were won over immediately by Oscar’s engaging charm and welcoming personality. He said, “I will make sure you have the best time,” and their team most certainly delivered.

I’m a sucker for table side service and they have a lovely smoked old fashioned that I couldn’t help but order. I highly suggest adding this to your experience next time you visit.

Next up …

And finally, a decadent 25 layer (YEP, TWENTY FIVE) chocolate cake. I mean … seriously?!? Okay and yeah, I ordered the crème brûlée too because … why not!

I will be back very soon and can’t wait to try more of their menu items including the lamb suggested by Yelp Reno’s Michael Tragash.