An interview with Gillian Beerman, owner

What made you decide to get into the business of food/drink?

After selling my juvenile product brand business and consulting with them for two years, I looked for a job. And so then, I decided we should start our own business — another one. 

After having four babies, I was out of the juvenile product space (although I still love those guys) and I wanted to explore my other passion — food. I like to feed my kids and we like to eat. I knew I didn’t know enough about the restaurant business so that’s why we decided to look at franchises. 

We discovered there wasn’t a teriyaki shop in Reno and I loved Teriyaki Madness’ marketing, so we went out there and tried the food. I loved that it’s fresh food, I would feed this to my kids and eat it myself. It can be healthy or not healthy and it’s affordable, so we decided to give it a go.

Why Reno?

Our other business was in northern California and my husband was tired of California taxes, so we researched Reno and moved here 7 years ago. We love it because we are close to the lake and trees and only three hours from our family. 

Why are you excited for Reno Restaurant Week?

I’m new to the restaurant industry and relatively new to Reno, so I’m really thrilled to be a part of this inaugural event.

What is one thing you’d like your guests to know about you and/or your establishment?

We want to get it right, I want you to enjoy the food. If you get something you don’t like, please tell us and we will make it right. We are striving to make sure you get the best we have to offer.

Everything is made to order. We are a fast casual restaurant but we are still customizing your food, so sometimes it takes time.

How are you complying with safety guidelines for COVID-19?

We are following all guidelines including disinfecting, wearing masks and gloves and health screening our employees.

2020 RRW Menu

Teriyaki Madness menu