Hungry in Reno has partnered with Deanna Podstawa to launch two Hungry In brand franchises: Hungry in Bucks in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Hungry in Wilmington in Wilmington, Delaware.

Hungry in Bucks County
Hungry in Wilmington

A couple of months ago, Deanna, who was, at that time, the co-host of the Alice 96.5 Morning Show here in Reno, Nevada, asked Cheree Boteler, the Founder & Managing Owner of Hungry in Reno, to meet up for a drink and a chat.  She shared that she was moving back to Pennsylvania and asked if Cheree would be willing to work with her to launch a brand similar to Hungry in Reno in the area she was headed.  The answer was, of course, YES!

“Hungry in Reno is a brand that was created to support local food and drink establishments while giving back to local non-profits,” said Cheree.  “Over the last several years, this brand has grown to become exactly that and more.  It makes sense that the next step would be to share what I’ve learned while developing these brands with individuals that are interested in building a Hungry In brand in their area.  I’m extremely pleased that Deanna is the first to take this leap and am excited to work with her to build these two new brands.”

“It’s simple, I. Love. Food. I mean who doesn’t? But, for me, it’s different. I don’t just enjoy my meals, I savor every forkful, admire every color and find joy in photographing every unique presentation. I figured as long as I’m taking pictures of my food, I might as well put them to good use. I love the concept behind the Hungry In brands and how they have become staples in the community,” said Deanna. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Cheree to launch these two brand franchises. I think if there’s any way for me to dive in and connect with my new neighbors, it’s through food and philanthropy.”

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Author: hungryinreno