Record Street Brewing announced last week that they would be donating taps and the sales of the mead to Black Rabbit Mead Co.

Record Street Brewing offered them this opportunity to keep their great product flowing and their loyal customers happy.  This collaboration not only is a tremendous support to Black Rabbit Mead Co. during the pandemic but also to the Brewery District as a whole.

When asked why, Jesse Corletto, President and Co-Owner of Record Street Brewing said, “It’s just the right thing to do, to help a neighbor during a difficult time. We are in this fight to survive together. We are just fortunate to be able to stay open so what better way to give back than to help our neighbor during this pandemic.”

As a new and small craft alcohol manufacturer Black Rabbit Mead Co.’s taproom sales make up most of their revenue. Though they are excited to be getting deeper into distribution and to start commercially bottling, right now being able to pour mead by the glass helps them stay strong.

“We are so grateful to Record Street Brewing for letting us be a part of their taproom until we can reopen ours,” said Will Truce, Co-Owner of Black Rabbit Mead Co.  “Their support is a symbol of our community’s heart and strength during challenging times.”

About Record Street Brewing
Since the 1920s, Alpine Glass Co. occupied this space touting themselves as “Nevada’s Modern Glass House.” And now, since the 2020s, Record Street Brewing Co. has held up that history and become “Nevada’s Most Flavorful Brewhouse”. Visit for more information. 

About Black Rabbit Mead Co.
Black Rabbit Mead Co. makes cider-style meads with honey sourced from the Sierra Nevadas. They are Nevada’s first meadery and celebrate the Sierra mountain life we love.  Visit for more information.