Schedule a #HungryVisit with Hungry in Reno at your establishment

We’ve made a new option on our founder’s Calendly, so if you own or manage a food/drink establishment and would like to secure a time for Cheree Boteler (and friends) to come in to your establishment, you can schedule a date using the form below or by visiting HERE.

Hungry in Reno #HungryVisit Posting Policy & Guidelines
Hungry in Reno is an authentic, collaborative food & drink brand. Our founder, Cheree Boteler (or any of our representatives) currently does not accept or request monetary compensation for visiting a location. Establishments do have the option to choose to comp the meal for their visit; however, this is not mandatory. Cheree (or any Hungry in Reno representative) will never promise a post, story or reel (as we never know how the dining experience will go or what we would like to share about the experience) but the odds of us sharing our experience on social media is very high.

Establishments may provide a gift card (or gift cards) for us to raffle off should we create a post, reel or story from the visit.

Alternatively, if any establishment or business would like to guarantee a post, story, reel or digital advertisement, we have advertising options available, view them here.