Contributor: Kelly Valentine

Kelly Valentine is originally from Southeastern Ohio and has been in Reno since 2004. She studied Communications and English in college, graduating in 2001 with honors and as the PR Chair of the Student Senate.

For decades Kelly has been involved in the media industry. Starting out in radio at the young age of 20, she pursued her career with Charter Communications shortly after packing up her belongings and driving 2,300 miles to the Biggest Little City.

After eight years at Charter, Kelly moved on to radio for a brief time, where she met her husband, and then joined the team at News 4, FOX 11 and Nevada Sports Net for the better part of a decade. Kelly has recently made the move to, a national company in the digital space; expanding her advertising and marketing experience to nearly all facets of media.

Besides her work resume, Kelly has been with her husband Trey for over ten years, and between them they have three beautiful girls and two dogs that keep them pretty busy.  They have a southern rock band, Valentine Rodeo, that has been performing in Reno since 2012 and Kelly recently joined another acoustic band called Sweet Syndicate.

Family, work and music aside, Kelly has always had a passion for food. She has been cooking since she could hold a spoon and her friends refer to her as the “salad queen”! After losing her taste for over two years from COVID, she is back with a vengeance with some over-eager taste buds, so she wants to share every experience with you that she can.