Contributor: Estela Torres

Estela is a homemaker & homeschooler in the Reno area. When her husband comes home from work he takes on bedtime routines as she heads to her desk where her fingertips and pink laptop will display her heart on her sleeve.  With the sound of the beautiful chaos next door that’s no longer in her hands, she types with a full heart thanking God everyday for the gift of writing and simultaneously being available with just one knock at her door. 

With a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology and a background in the medical field, Estela carried her nurturing and cheerful spirit with her to share with others. Since then, her environment has significantly changed to what she calls, “Serving God amongst the dishes and the diapers.” She prides herself in showing her five children the beauty in God’s creation by the simple things like cooking dinner together, hiking as a family, and meeting people in their community. Their favorite winter activity is visiting local coffee shops to rate their hot chocolate and spark conversations with fellow Renoites. 

When Estela isn’t driving her nuggets all around town, you can find her hiking with the entire family or trying a new restaurant with her husband during date night. If you can’t find her, she is probably snuggled up in a corner of her house praying, reading or writing.