How Reno Food & Drink Week Works

Before Reno Food & Drink Week (oh the WAITING UGH!):

  • Follow Reno Food & Drink Week on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  • Like. Comment. SAVE. Share.
  • Subscribe to Hungry News (subscribe between April 1 and June 9 to receive a raffle entry)
  • Check out the list of participants below (and via the social media posts) and start planning out your week (menus will be released via this website and Reno Food & Drink Week social media in May)
  • If any establishments on your list will be requiring reservations for your visit during Reno Food & Drink Week, get your reservation secured!
  • Oh AND no need to wait to check them out, feel free to visit them before the week starts, they’d love to see you (and it’ll probably make you want to head back for their Reno Food & Drink Week special even more!)

When the week starts (YAY):

  • If you haven’t already, plan your week by choosing participant from the list below (or from their social post on @RenoFoodWeek)
  • If they take reservations, make a reservation (hopefully you’ve already done this)
  • When you arrive at the establishment, let your server or hostess know you are there for Reno Food & Drink Week
  • Order either from their Reno Food & Drink Week menu (see the table tent!) or from their regular menu (get what you like!)
  • When your food and/or drinks arrive, TAKE PICS! (You’ll want these for later so you can post on social and earn raffle entries)
  • ENJOY your order!!
  • If you get the chance, say hello to the owner(s)/managers and snap a pic of you guys together (psst bonus raffle entry opportunity!)
  • Pay for your check (don’t forget to tip!)
  • When you are done enjoying yourself and your company, head on over to your social media and post your pictures and share a little about your experience! Make sure to tag the establishment and @RenoFoodWeek so you can receive a raffle entry (see details about that here).
  • Repeat throughout the week!!