Participant: Mix Bakeshop


by Johnathan L. Wright

More than a decade ago, owners Kris Daters and Mary Allstead opened Mix Bakeshop. “We were tired of our office jobs and wanted a new adventure,” they say.

These days, that adventure features nearly three dozen basic and seasonal cupcakes (lemon, espresso, eggnog), nearly two dozen basic and seasonal pies (Dutch apple, pecan, key lime), assorted cookies and custom orders.

We are a local shop that’s been making hand crafted cupcakes, pies and cookies daily for over 12 years.

Kris Daters & Mary Allstead, owners

1117 California Ave.
Reno, NV 89509
(775) 329-1748
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Reno Food & Drink Week Menu

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this menu will be donated to the three 2021 Hungry Gives Back Charities: Reno Rodeo FoundationSTEP2 and The Eddy House.

Boysenberry Pie

a full sized boysenberry pie with a hint of citrus under a beautifully flaky decorative crust

2021 Reno Food & Drink Week Mix Bakeshop Boysenberry Pie